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  • Enterprise

    Scoping and designing enterprise security systems for large government and private sector corporations. Architect solutions with project and shareholder using the latest assured technologies. Changing the way we think about our security.

  • End user devices

    End user devices range from laptop/desktops, mobiles/tablets, multi functional devices & Internet of things (IoT), Steadnet Cyber Ltd challenges the security and access we allow. This also includes the latest encryption technologies, as well as our behaviours

  • Data Centre & Cloud

    Data centres range from traditional data centres to public and private clouds. Data centres should all be architected with defence in depth and aim to have zero-trust security. Multi level domain and PKI is now critical in our fight against cyber crime

  • Information management

    Flat folder structures and lengthy email chains are the past. Instant messengers, blog, forums, video calling, collaborative working and web based file management when used correctly improve performance, but they must be secure.


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